Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graphic Roman Shades

I have mentioned before that I have a background in interior design, and while I was in school for my degree, I worked in a workroom making custom window treatments.  While I don't do that for a living now, I still do them for friends and family in my spare time.  Most recently I had the pleasure of making a roman shade and london balloon(aka butterfly balloon) for my aunt Kim's kitchen.  

Kim has the most gorgeous house in the country and I have always said she should have had a career in interior design.  Anyway, as I said I made her a workable roman shade and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  

The kitchen itself is fairly neutral in black and white with warm wood tones and sleek stainless steel.  She added a fun pop by painting the walls purple, and kicked it up a notch with the vibrant printed fabric.  Check out that amazing antique butcher block!!  

This is a workable roman shade that will go up and down using the cord.  I have to point out something else.  See the bell to the right attached to the cabinet?  Well while I was there I learned that my Uncle Bobby did some handy work of his own.  He actually crafted antlers on the deer from tooth picks and coat hangers!  


Anyway, I also made a london balloon(aka butterfly balloon) for the window in the eating area.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get very good lighting, but I'm going to share the finished product anyway.  I've made these for so long and they are one of the most requested styles I get from customers.  It's one of my favorite treatments to do because it goes great in most rooms that you just want some sort of top treatment for.  

There you have it!  Like I said, I was just thrilled with how it turned out!  I have also been steadily working on our master bedroom re-do I told you about months ago.  It's coming along slow but steady.  The window treatments are done, artwork hung, ottoman recovered, and furniture freshly painted.  All that's left to do is distress the freshly painted furniture, and finish a little vanity stool project I've got going on.