Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Antiquing

What was I thinking when I decided to go antiquing today in 96 degree heat?!  Ick!  I love the warm temps but I had no idea we would be in for such a heat wave so soon.  Nevertheless I left the house and off I went to hunt for treasure.  I found many things that I loved but my wallet didn't agree.  So I came home with only a small bag of goodies.

This sweet little dish caught my eye first.
I have a sizable collection of these little dishes that I have come across over the years.  This one will fit in nicely.  I love the bright pink and turquoise combo and the roses are just too charming! 

Next, I found some jewelry pieces begging to be revamped into something new!
Can you believe those huge yellow flowers are clip on earrings?!  They are a good 2" or so wide-I cannot imagine having them hang from my ears!  I'm thinking I will turn them into bracelets, what do you think?  The bee will likely become a necklace.

So that was it!  I was good even though I was tempted by quite a bit.  Now, if only the ice cream truck would come around I would be one happy girl!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Reading

I've been reading Water for Elephants and so far I am really enjoying it.  I know I'm a bit behind since the movie is out already, but I sometimes enjoy reading the book first then seeing the movie.  I did the same thing with The Notebook-mostly because my husband refused to watch "that chick flick" in the theater.  Of course after reading The Notebook I loved it so much I insisted we rent the movie once it came out and suprise!  My husband liked it too.  Don't tell anyone though, k?  Okay ;)  I also did the same with The Last Song, and Dear John-gotta love that Nicholas Sparks!  I'm a sucker for a romantic story.

Anyway, have you read Water for Elephants or seen the movie?  What did you think?  Don't spoil any details for me but I would love to know if the movie is as good as the book or vice versa!  I have almost always found that the book is better than the movie.

What's on your summer reading list?  Any good suggestions? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

More Turquoise and Red

Happy Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend to be here!  Tomorrow I am going to a local farmer's market with the girls-my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, and her 2 little kiddos.  I always know I'm in for a good time when the 2 little ones are around!  They are the sweetest, wittiest little monkeys I know! 

My step-brother came home from the Army this week(only to stay a couple weeks, not for good yet).  He has been stationed in Iraq for the past 6 months.  So we are celebrating Memorial Day with a nice family cookout at my other step-brother's house.  Remember, this one?  Should be nice to catch up and hear all about what he's been up to.

And finally, I have another cutie to share with you today!  Brooke is participating in my "Silver Lining in Real Life" today by sharing her chunky turquoise and red necklace!

Here is what Brooke ordered:

And here's Brooke modeling her new necklace:

Brooke is so, so sweet and you must check out her blog here!  It's full of fun bits and pieces from her life!  Thanks Brooke for sharing your photo with us!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!  Any particularly fun plans?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It is getting HOT around here this week!  We will actually be seeing temps in the 90's!  Whaaat??  Yes, the 90's.  I personally couldn't be happier.  I'd much rather be hot than cold, and I love being able to throw on a pair of shorts and a tank-it's pure comfort in my world! 

To celebrate the warmer temps that I love, I am offering a secret sale to you, my readers only!  Woohoo!  10% off your entire order using coupon code "SECRETSALE"

There's lots of new spring and summer goodies in the shop right now!

Necklaces for all of your summer occasions!  

Fun, brightly colored post earrings.

Check out the shop for more new goodies!  The secret sale will last til Friday, May 27th.
Happy Shopping!

I will be back later this week with the how-to on the lamp shade we have discussed a few times!    

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week

This Thursday I lost my grandmother to cancer.  She had been fighting this painful disease for some time now, so I am at peace knowing she is in a better place.  She will certainly be missed.

Monday night I was invited to bring my jewelry to a Ladies Night Out event and had a table next to 3 of my favorite jewelry ladies-3 Divas Studio!  Their display put mine to shame, and they have really fun, easy, boho style jewelry.  They only gave us a small 6 foot table space, so it's hard to do alot with that, but here's how 3 Divas set theirs up:

That's Rhonda and Connie, 2 of the 3 Divas.  Love them!!

My husband took me out to the movies this week.  I wanted to see Bridesmaids since the second I saw the first preview on T.V.  It was hillarious!!  I loved it.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good chick flick cry your eyes out kind of movie, but we need more movies like this for women.  We like a good laugh too!  It was a little bit raunchy, a little romantic, and super funny. 

Remember when I asked you for your opinions on a fabric for my lamp shade here?  Well the fabric finally came in this week and I love it!  But, I found another fabric online that I really like now and am not sure if I should order it also to see what I like better.  This is the fabric that arrived this week:

And this is the other fabric that I found this week which is starting to make me second guess the polka dot:

What do you think??  Now I am really torn between the two!

Anyway, I am getting ready to head out to have a nice girl's day that involves my Mom, my sister, and a pedicure!  Woohoo!  Hope you all have a nice weekend as well!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I like what I like

I live a pretty colorful life.  I think you may already know that by looking at my jewelry :)  But it doesn't stop there; it occurred to me that I get much of my inspiration from what I am surrounded by in my home. 

Let's take a little look!

My guest room

My eat-in kitchen

My master bedroom

Unfinished guest bedroom

My office

My guest bathroom(horrible picture, sorry)

It's actually a little strange now that I take a look at these similarities!  Where do you get your inspiration for your creative endeavors?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweater Guard Styled

Good morning ladies!  It's time for another edition of "Silver Lining in Real Life"!  Today our lovely lady is Helen.  She ordered a sweater guard and I love how she styled it.  Generally, my jewelry and accessories are geared more towards a vintage style, but she managed to put a modern spin on this piece!

Here's a look at the sweater guard:

And here is how Helen styled it:

Isn't Helen gorgeous?!  I just love how she was able to incorporate this piece into her own style. 

And as always, remember if you would like to be featured in your Silver Lining jewelry, send your photos to silverliningdecor1@yahoo.com.

Thanks for sharing Helen!

Giveaway Winner

Good Monday morning!  Thank you to those who entered my very first giveaway! 

And the winner is......

Tricia Thomas!

Congrats Tricia, email me at silverliningdecor1@yahoo.com to claim your prize!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Randoms

Last weekend was full of events with my husband's birthday and Mother's day, so today we decided to take it easy and have a relaxing, lazy day!  Our plan was to actually lounge around the house and find a movie to watch.  We went to one of the new Red Boxes and rented "Country Strong" for $1.  It wasn't our top choice, but out of the selection it was the only thing we could agree on.  We made a quick stop off at Target for a cart full of junk food-because a lazy movie day is no good without junk food! 

The movie was okay, but nothing that I would rave about.  The soundtrack was something I wouldn't mind having though.  I was pretty impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow's voice, as well as the rest of the cast.

I'm preparing this weekend to take my jewelry to a local "Ladies Night Out" event on Monday and am hoping to clear out some old inventory to make way for some new.  I've done this particular show before and had lots of fun.

I have been obsessed with this shirt, and shop, for some time now but still cannot pull the trigger on it!  What do you think?  I like the ease of it, but at the same time it's got some amazing handmade charm!

Speaking of things I am obsessed with, these are some of my recent favorites on Etsy:
Seriously, gorgeous.


Another long time fave!
(click images for more details)

And lastly, don't forget to enter my giveaway here

Happy weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Giveaway: Paintables

I have hit a little bit of a milestone on this little blog of mine!  100 followers!  To celebrate, I decided to have a little giveaway for you, my friends! 

This giveaway is super special to me because it comes from my Mom's etsy shop Paintables!  She hand paints glassware and my favorite are the vinegar bottles which most people use for soap on their kitchen or bathroom counters.

Today, I am offering one lucky reader this fun daisy bottle:

Super cute, right!  The perfect little touch of spring in your house!  I have one that I have used for years, and I love to give them as gifts to the person who has everything!

To enter:
*you must be a follower of this blog, and visit Paintables and come back and comment on what your favorite item is!

Extra entries:
*blog about the giveaway and leave a comment.
*tweet or facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment.

Giveaway will end on Sunday, May 15th at midnight EST.  Good luck!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Addition

I am so excited because this weekend I finally pulled the trigger on a dress form to use when photographing my jewelry!  It's something I have wanted, and needed for a while.  I never make necklaces too long because I can't ever picture them the way I'd like to with the small bust I was using.  So now I feel like I can offer more of a variety.  This one just happens to be a Banana Republic form which makes it pretty cool too :)

It's a little strange every time I walk into the room and see a life-size manakin standing there-but I'm sure I'll get use to her!

Check out the difference she makes.

What do you think?  Do you think this helps to give a better idea of the scale of these necklaces?  I am loving it and looking forward to re-taking more photos!