Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweater Guard Styled

Good morning ladies!  It's time for another edition of "Silver Lining in Real Life"!  Today our lovely lady is Helen.  She ordered a sweater guard and I love how she styled it.  Generally, my jewelry and accessories are geared more towards a vintage style, but she managed to put a modern spin on this piece!

Here's a look at the sweater guard:

And here is how Helen styled it:

Isn't Helen gorgeous?!  I just love how she was able to incorporate this piece into her own style. 

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Thanks for sharing Helen!


  1. hi,

    I am a new follower. love your blog, cant wait to read more.

    also your jewelry is beautiful.

    Love, Shellsea Blog - Giveaway today

  2. I absolutely LOVE your items!! I live near Richmond actually!:)

  3. I love this!!! Totally in love with your etsy store as well!!!

  4. I am your new follower! (ksyshenka) I adore your blog and your jewelry! BonBon Rose Girls sent me! Thank you for sponsoring!