Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Antiquing

What was I thinking when I decided to go antiquing today in 96 degree heat?!  Ick!  I love the warm temps but I had no idea we would be in for such a heat wave so soon.  Nevertheless I left the house and off I went to hunt for treasure.  I found many things that I loved but my wallet didn't agree.  So I came home with only a small bag of goodies.

This sweet little dish caught my eye first.
I have a sizable collection of these little dishes that I have come across over the years.  This one will fit in nicely.  I love the bright pink and turquoise combo and the roses are just too charming! 

Next, I found some jewelry pieces begging to be revamped into something new!
Can you believe those huge yellow flowers are clip on earrings?!  They are a good 2" or so wide-I cannot imagine having them hang from my ears!  I'm thinking I will turn them into bracelets, what do you think?  The bee will likely become a necklace.

So that was it!  I was good even though I was tempted by quite a bit.  Now, if only the ice cream truck would come around I would be one happy girl!


  1. OH I love the colors of the plate. It's so cute!
    We had a major heatwave here today to. It was beautiful though and such a welcome change from the rain rain rain we've been having. no complaints from me!

  2. Hey I've missed you! I'm sure you'll turn these into amazing pieces!

  3. great finds!can't wait to see what you make with them :)
    it's super hot here too-time for the ac!