Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I like what I like

I live a pretty colorful life.  I think you may already know that by looking at my jewelry :)  But it doesn't stop there; it occurred to me that I get much of my inspiration from what I am surrounded by in my home. 

Let's take a little look!

My guest room

My eat-in kitchen

My master bedroom

Unfinished guest bedroom

My office

My guest bathroom(horrible picture, sorry)

It's actually a little strange now that I take a look at these similarities!  Where do you get your inspiration for your creative endeavors?


  1. ummm... can I come live at your house?? :) I absolutely love all the color you use! What a gorgeous home you have! (And gorgeous jewelry to boot!)

  2. I LOVE the painting in your kitchen! SO beautiful!

  3. UMMM HELLO!!! Your house is gorgeous!!! All of your rooms are so adorable! I am blown away right now! Wow!! :)

  4. ooooh i've never seen the master! so pretty :)

  5. Awesome! This place is gorgeous... it looks like its out of a magazine! I love all the teal & pinks.

  6. That is so neat and ironic, I get my inspiration from the t.v. - really. i like what I see and I subconsciously do it :)

  7. Oh my gosh...your decor is overflowing with bright and fresh goodness (just like your jewelry!). I *adore* your master bedroom! I dare not take pictures of the interior of my home until I exterminate the monstrous dust bunnies!!