Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Around the House

While browsing around Pinterest this morning, I came across a few images from my house and decided I should collectively put together a post of our home.  It's a fun place for us to live.  

We own a small cape cod that had little to no character when we purchased it.  It was your basic builder grade home that was just fine and dandy, but we prefer a little more charm(and you will soon learn, color) in our environment. 

Our very first project was the kitchen.  We pretty much completely overhauled the kitchen the day we stepped foot into our house.  I'm already itching to re-do my kitchen, but for now, this is what we are living with.  We painted the maple cabinets a creamy white, the walls a buttery yellow, new stainless appliances, sink, faucet, counter tops, and wainscotting on the walls.  See our wallpaper backsplash tutorial here.

The next project we did was the installation of wallpaper in our guest bathroom.  I hired a professional for this job since it would be a fairly costly mistake if I tried it myself and it didn't turn out well.

wallpaper by Thibault

Next was our guest bedroom that is one of my all time favorite rooms.  It's super bright and cheerful.

Our living room has seen a few makeovers, and is currently soothing shades of aqua and lime.

Since I work from home making jewelry, my husband and I put together this studio on a shoestring budget using clearance cabinets from Lowe's.  Love my little space!

Most recently, we shared our master bedroom makeover.

And of course, Mason's nursery!

Our house is ever-evolving and I'm sure will see many more changes by the time we move on from here.  What can I say?  I enjoy the projects and putting my personal touch on my space.


  1. I just love your home!!! It is so bright and cheerful and every space is so perfect! You are a very talented designer. I love how all the rooms have a unique feel but then they also seem to flow and go seamlessly together (if that makes any sense!). We just bought our first house and I'm having fun making each room our own too. I need to do a home tour but I'm still finishing up some last things - mostly getting artwork and pics on the walls. But I just love your house and it gives me a lot of inspiration! Thanks for giving us a tour.

  2. You have done a great job! I love all the color.

  3. So well done! I can't decide which room I like best.

  4. What a beautiful, colorful home! It now has lots of character and cheer. Love it! Can I move in??? :)

  5. Gosh, your house is gorgeous. I dream of having rooms like that! We rent right now and painting just isn't really worth the hassle and we're waiting to buy new furniture for when we purchase a home. I'm bookmarking this page for inspiration :)