Friday, September 20, 2013

Cozy up with a fabulous rug

There are a few things that I tend to always look at when shopping for home goods.  Lamps, pillows, and rugs.  I don't know why, but these three things always catch my attention.  There's nothing like a beautiful lamp, or shade, and pillows can add that color and texture needed, and rugs can totally transform a room.

While recently browsing some of my favorite online shops, I have come across some beautiful, and inexpensive rugs that I would love to add to my home.  If only I had more rooms!  And let's be!

This gorgeous collection of rugs is from Garnet Hill.  I would love to get my hands on the navy or coral Ikat, any one of the flat cotton weaves, or the aqua chevron!  I have ordered rugs from Garnet Hill before and they do no disappoint.

This next rug from Urban Outfitters is going to be making it's way to my living room one day.  A girl can dream, right?  And at only $199 for an 8x10 this is a steal!

I recently purchased a UO rug for our master bedroom and absolutely love it!  The quality is great for such a cheap price.

Urban Outfitters has several other great finds, all great accents to add splashes of color to your decor.

Would you believe the rug below is from Walmart?!  And only $35 for a 5x7?!  I haven't seen it in person, so I don't know the quality, but what a price for a fun pattern!  And it comes in pink and teal.

Last on my list of favorites are these Homespun Trellis rugs from Rugs USA.  A huge selection of colors are available and just over $300 for an 8x10 area rug.

These are my current top picks, what's your favorite?  Follow me along on Pinterest to see more fab finds!


  1. I actually just ordered that last rug in navy from RugsUSA for my basement! Great minds think alike! RugsUSA is my go-to place for stylish rugs that are affordable, and they have great discounts from time to time. I got mine when they were doing 80% off during labor day weekend. You just have to stalk the site and wait for a deal. I'm loving those Garnet Hill rugs though. Thanks for all the recs.

  2. I love these!!! We have carpet & I hate to be excessive (even though our home could use a healthy pop of color) so I don't cut rugs...but I LOVE all of these! Someday (HA!) when we get hardwood I will go wild with rugs. Someday.

  3. Supposed to say don't BUY rugs. Hello nursing and commenting while sleep deprived....

  4. Ahh Home Goods, place gets me everytime. I love the wall decor they have there! So inexpensive:) I'm a rug person! I LOVE Company C rugs and I have 2 of them, but they are SO expensive. I would love a large one for my dining room.