Monday, March 7, 2011

Retail Therapy, Anyone?

Hello, and happy Monday!  No?  Okay, we'll just ignore the fact that it's Monday and look at some pretty clothes instead!

The good news is that it's March and with the warmer weather not too far off in the future, I am itching to add some new pieces to my wardrobe!  I was browsing one of my favorite online boutiques, Ruche, and came across some things that are begging to come live in my closet!!  I'd be more than happy to let these pretties stay awhile ;)

Love the colors and print on this one!

I'm definitely a dress girl.  I love throwing one on with a pair of tights or bare legs and sandals and being able to run out the door!

Love this top!!  Check out the back; so much fun!

This top would be in my cart as we speak if it weren't already sold out!  My luck.

So what are your must-haves for spring?  Do you have a go-to piece in your closet that never lets you down?  


  1. Only you could pull off that back! I'd be looking way too fatty!

  2. gahh! i hate when things you find are sold out. so sad! i love that last one for sure.

  3. I ADORE that first pretty!

  4. cute cute cute! my must-haves are dresses and skirts that I can wear to work and transition to nighttime fun!

  5. I just happened upon your Etsy shop and fell IN LOVE! Your jewelry is amazing and your eye for color is awesome :) I look forward to more posts from you!