Monday, March 28, 2011

Silver Lining in Real Life!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Aubrey of Proudly Petite.  She ordered one of my handmade necklaces and I am so excited today because she has posted a photo of herself wearing it!  I love seeing my pieces in real life action because so often I make pieces that I absolutely adore, then ship them off to never see again! 

So here's the necklace:

And here it is in action!

So cute, huh?!  I would love to make this a monthly feature if I can get more photos!  So, if you own a Silver Lining Decor piece, send me a photo of you wearing it and I will feature you!

A special thanks to Aubrey for being so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. 

xo Rachel!


  1. aw, how nice!
    i understand too.we get attached to the things we're making and if i let myself think about it, i'd have a hard time parting with a lot of them.

  2. I know that feeling. I get attached very easily and get so sad when I don't get to see pictures of people actually wearing the pieces.

  3. LOVE this and I am jealous that I don't have one!!! Beautiful!!!

  4. wow she's gorgeous and the necklace looks great on her!

  5. The necklace looks beautiful on her! Congrats - you are very talented (just checked out your etsy shop!)