Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A thing for turquoise

I am noticing I have a serious thing for turquoise.  I like it paired with just about any color-pink, red, yellow, green, white, purple-all good turquoise companions!

Here are some new goodies in the shop-almost all featuring a turquoise appearance!

A large cheerful vintage turquoise enamel daisy hangs on bright red vintage glass beads.

A long necklace featuring turquoise glass briolettes that fade to aqua, then white in the center.

A romantic necklace featuring upcycled vintage turquoise beads and a gorgeous ruffled pink rose.

A whimsical bracelet featuring turquoise faceted glass beads and a gold sparrow!

No turquoise here, but new in the shop is a great nautical or patriotic necklace for this summer featuring a vintage enamel flower and upcycled bright red vintage beads!

So there you have it!  Just a few of my new pieces showing off my love of turquoise!  What colors are you drawn to this summer?


  1. I love that first necklace! Love, love, love turquoise!

  2. Oh man! I'm trying to cut back on spending ...a bit.... I love the new red "nautical" necklace! I'm going to have to resist a little while. It's funny tonight I checked my mailbox and had a slip that I had a package. I went to the front desk and was so excited to see what had arrived. Unfortunately it wasn't the LL Bean monogramed tote that i'm patiently waiting for but that's okay. I said to the concierge aka security guard, "i'm having too much fun online shopping these days, i get so excited to see what packages may have arrived". i'm sure he thinks I'm nuts but that's okay :)

  3. 1st necklace and the sparrow bracelet......amazing!

  4. i love turquoise too-great pieces :)

  5. Turquoise is my favorite pop of color. It always makes me happy when I wear it, and it compliments a good tan! I'm really loving peach this summer too. It's one of the main colors in my wedding.

  6. Love the long necklace...I could see that going with a lot of different layers!

  7. I need to head to your shop to get my turquoise on! I love the red white and blue one! I have a deep affection for Patriotic things!