Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something different

So a few days ago I came across these beads with one idea in my mind, which then turned into something totally different.  I just kind of started stringing, and playing around and I found myself braiding??  Whaaa???  Something in me said to keep doing it and I'm so glad I did because I am loving the easy, fun feel of these necklaces!

Of course I started out with my fave red and turquoise!

But I'm actually more in love with this black and silver version!  I can see myself wearing this one with alot of my wardrobe this fall and winter.

Definitely something a little different for me, but that's the fun of the creative process, right?


  1. that is so pretty, love the choice in colors

  2. Turquoise and red is my FAVORITE color combination! I love it! These are both gorgeous! Thanks for entering the give away!

  3. You are so talented! I love the black and white one!