Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall into Fashion

Fall is just around the corner, which also means my birthday is rapidly approaching...Mom, if you're reading here are some helpful hints ;)  I love, love, love the summertime for all the easy, comfortable shorts, tanks and sandals.  BUT there is nothing like the beauty of fall.  We have actually been having fairly cool nights around here lately which has got me thinking about my fall wish list. 

First up is a must! I have been carrying the same bag for years because I really love it and it's a classic soft camel colored leather satchel, but it's seen better days. Right now this is my top pick for it's replacement.

I love blousey, flowey tops paired with skinny jeans and boots so this top would fit nicely into my wardrobe.

Lightweight sweaters for sure.


And love.

The perfect girly touch to even out the heavy boots and large leather bag.

Throw in some fun accessories *wink wink* and voila!  Ready for fall! 

What are your fall must haves?  Is there something in particular you fall back on every year?


  1. I love the green marble necklace!! I wear mine all the time!

    For fall, I love skinny jeans with boots, cardigans, and longish coats in unexpected colors. My boots are just about done for, having been worn every day last fall/winter. I'm lucky to live in California, where fall is just an even more pleasant extension of summer :)

    BTW, I love your bag - great color! Where did you get it?

  2. Rachel,

    Come to Cincinnati so we can go shopping together. Seriously! Better yet, wait till I move to Chicago and we can take on Michigan Ave!

  3. I love the fall! I can't wait to pull out my sweaters

  4. That bag is amazing! I tried to click on the link and add it to my favorites immediately!

  5. I get so excited for my birthday too! I love your picks!