Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before and After: Landscape

I have to say, my husband was more excited about this project than I was.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled we did it, but he was about to crawl out of his skin he was so excited.  It certainly does kick up the curb appeal a notch! 

After living in this house for 3 years, we finally bit the bullet and signed on the dotted line.  A new paved driveway!  You'll see from the before picture that this was much needed!  Not to mention we were the last on the block that had not done it yet.


See what I mean?  Pretty bad.  We had widened the driveway about 3 feet over the years and the gravel was pretty sparse.


I really am blown away at how different it makes our yard look.  The whole process took only about 4 hours which is absolutely amazing to me!  My husband is working on aerating, seeding, mulching and planting fall flowers now, so I will share the final look once he is done.  We're coming right along!


  1. geez, it does make a difference. looks nice! and what a cute little house, i've always wanted a red door :)

  2. OH it makes a HUGE difference! Very polished! :)

  3. Your house is adorable! The dark pavement really makes your red front door pop.