Thursday, September 1, 2011

While the Lights Were Out

It's really amazing the amount of things I got done while the power was out.  I found myself getting so bored that I was looking for things to clean in a house I had already cleaned before the storm!  I knew if we lost power the last thing I wanted was to stumble around in the dark tripping over that pile of clothes I have been meaning to get to.  We were fortunate that the heat wasn't too terribly bad, so we let the fresh air in and embraced the cool nights. 

I made lots and lots of jewelry.  One very exciting order I will tell you about in a few weeks ;)  And a few other new goodies for the shop!

Tons of new stud earrings:

I aslo added a few new cameo pieces.  I love the vintage charm a cameo holds!

A sweater guard perfect for keeping your fall cardigans in place.

And a pretty little pair of cameo earrings.

I will let you in on my little bit of fun news as soon as I can!

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