Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8 months and almost done with nursery

I am officially 8 months pregnant now!  It is so hard to believe how time has flown.  What started off as little flutters in my belly, has now turned to full-fledged acrobatics.  Sleep is becoming non-existent.  And I can barely remember my own name with this new "baby brain" of mine. 

I can hardly believe I am going to share this, but here is how my bump has grown from 5 months to now 8 months.  Wow, what 3 mere months will do!

Thankfully, we are getting closer and closer to being done with our nursery.  I started planning and ordering items for the nursery 4 months ago, as soon as we found out the gender.  I knew it would be a long road to get it together the way I wanted.  But, I'm not quite ready to show the whole room.  Just thought I'd share a quick teaser with this old cabinet I have been working on for what seems like months!

It started off as a boring old white cabinet that we've had for years.  Nothing real fancy, but it offers a decent amount of storage.  I decided to spruce it up a bit by using the same stencil I used on my stairs over the summer.

I wish I had an actual before picture, but I forgot to take one.  Basically, it was a big white box.  I then painted the accent color(my wall color) inside the door panels.  And went over that with the stencil in white to only reveal a hint of the turquoise in the end.

A little paint and stencil turned this drab cabinet to a whimsical storage spot in the nursery.

Looking forward to sharing the entire nursery shortly!


  1. congratulations :)

    the wardrobe looks great too!

  2. You look great!! Pregnancy really suits you!! So close now!!

  3. You look great! And I can't get over your adorable nursery! That's like a dream nursery for me! Love it!!!

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