Friday, March 1, 2013

Painted Kitchen Table

When we found out we were pregnant, I instantly went into "nesting" mode.  I think nesting is in my nature anyway, so it has been kicked into overdrive ever since the start of my pregnancy.  One of the small tasks on my never ending list was to get a new kitchen table since we would soon need to make space for another person in our lives.  I knew a high chair would be in our near future and the table we had currently was a little too big for one to fit in our eat-in kitchen comfortably.  

For years, we had this handmade farmhouse style table that I loved.  It worked well for us and it's casual style blended seamlessly into our casual cape cod.  

But again, space was something that would soon win over my love for this table.  So, I went on the hunt for something new.  What I came up with was a vintage oak pedestal table.  It has a great base with interesting lines and I knew with a little paint it could fit in nicely.

Unfortunately, it sat like this for far too long until I couldn't take the wood any more.  With a coat of primer and bright white paint, this table takes on a whole new life.

It has brightened the kitchen back up and offers much more room around the table.  We'll hold onto the leaves for when we need to seat more people, but for everyday use it's perfect for just the three of us.  

I am now dying to repaint the walls and cabinets for a fresher feel, and update my wall art.  That'll have to wait til post-baby. 


  1. That looks really nice! Love the style. It seems perfect for the space.

  2. I love that painting. Where did u get it?