Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Bedroom

I have slowly been working on one of my guest bedrooms.  I was inspired by this crisp, clean yellow, blue and white of a necklace I made!

Which then led me to finding this amazing lattice print fabric:

So fresh and clean, right?!  I decided to go with blue on the walls, but not your typical pale blue and yellow combo.  I wanted something with a little more of a periwinkle tone to it.  

It's not the world's largest room, so I wanted to keep it light and airy.  With a twin bed pushed up against one wall to maximize space, finding art for a huge blank wall can be a little tricky.  I have decided to go with a collage look using a mix of vintage finds along with unique artwork.   I have collected small crocheted doilies, ornate old frames, decorative plates, and a few other odds and ends.  

Most recently, I ordered these 2 paintings from an amazingly talented artist on etsy.  
Aren't they cute?!  This artist also has a pink cow.  Yes, I said PINK!  I think she will fit nicely in my house too ;)

The wall is still a work in progress!  I want to make sure I have enough goodies before I start knocking a ton of holes in my wall!  But I will be sure to post the room once it's done!


  1. I really like the wall color! What's the name of it? Those birds are adorable too!


  2. *LOVE& those curstins! ;o)

    So fresh and crisp with your wall color!

    So happy you took the plunge and started a blog! Enjoy it! It made me nervous at first, but then it just became so much fun! You will be surprised how often you will find yourself saying "ooh...I have to blog about this"...and your friends that don't know what a blog is will look at you like "what????". Make me laugh every time! Lol!