Thursday, January 13, 2011


I find inspiration from many places.  Most commonly, I get inspiration for my jewelry designs from my interiors, and visa versa!  It seems that I am drawn to the same sort of look and colors in both areas.  I love to mix vintage and modern, old and new, rustic and shiny, etc.

I think you might see a similarity in my latest necklace and the spare bedroom I posted my kitties lounging in yesterday!

I love the bright, bold colors of this one!

This necklace makes me long for the summertime, but I think it could be a nice pop of color in your winter wardrobe as well!

And the original inspiration:
I kept the aqua color on the walls in here very soft and soothing with the bright pops of red.  This color is hard to photograph, and is much prettier in person, but you get the idea :)

What inspires you in your creative endeavors?


  1. these are so pretty!
    i get inspiration from everywhere-usually starts off with a color...

  2. Augh your room is so freaking gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Red and Aqua is a favorite combo for me. While Aqua and turquoises are close in relation [I use turquoise], I like to use it as accents to any neutral room.