Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now That's The Life

The life of a cat....or should I say, the life of my cats!  This is pretty typical.  I'm not usually suprised when I walk into a bedroom and find the two of them doing this....

Meet Harley(orange) and Salem(black).  The world's laziest cats!  Harley looks a little like he's glaring at me for waking him!

Don't you wish you could spend the day like this??


  1. Love them in their designer bedroom!

  2. oh how cute!and what a great room :)

  3. yes, lying around would be lovely. Cute names for your kitties! We used to have orange and black brothers, Topaz and Onyx. Then I developed intense allergies :(
    Love the red and mint combo! I need to post photos of my room to see what you think ☺


  4. omg, they are SO cute! I love fluffy kitties!