Saturday, April 30, 2011

diy fail.

I had nothing but good intentions when I stumbled across this amazing chair at one of my local antique shops.  The bones were good-nice and sturdy-and the finish on it made my heart skip a beat!  It looks like it was painted at some point and someone along the way stripped the paint creating this gorgeous white wash affect.  I have recovered a chair similar to this before with my aunt, so I felt confident I could do it again.

Well, months and months have gone by and it still looks like this...

Scary, right?  Yeah.  The more and more I look at it, the more intimidated I am of it.  I'm sure if I really focused on it, I could eventually get it done, but it's more of a job than I have time for right now.  I still can't decide if I am ready to part with it yet.  I didn't technically fail if I never tried though, right?  Hmm...I might pay to have it recovered, or just sell it at a consigment shop. 

It really does have amazing features, and I will probably never come across another piece like it at the price I paid for this one.

While I decide it's fate, here is how it sits in my office so that no one loses a limb from those wicked coils. 

 (sorry for the crappy photos)

Yeah, scary.


  1. no, you didn't fail! i think it even looks good just with the blanket on top.
    i would hang onto it-it's so pretty, you never know when you just may feel up to it :)

  2. Ahhh! It's soooo beautiful. Hang on to it and do something with it! Or could you pay someone to do it over if it's too much of a mission/you're too busy? I guess that defeats the purpose, though.

    Either way I love it.

  3. I know this is kind of a random question, but I was just wondering what color of paint you used on the walls in your red room. I love how you've decorated that room and the color combo !

  4. I love that chair you have to fix it up!!! I can imagine only great things from it!

  5. Oh, that chair is so beautiful! When you get around to it, I can't wait to see what you do with it :)