Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Click Winner

Woohoo!  Thanks to Ebay, I am the proud new owner of this sweet little top!  At a whopping $6.50, my quick finger won the bid at the last second!  

I have no clue what the brand of this top is; I found it while searching Anthropologie items and I'm sure it's some sort of knock off, but for $6.50 I'm sure I'll love it!  I always have a bit of anxiety when waiting the last few seconds of an ebay auction!  I've lost many coveted items to not being quick enough, or not bidding high enough that I regret!

Another recent Ebay purchase was a gift for my husband who turns 29 this May.  It was a watch that really had me sweating because there were many last minute bids, but I got the victory once again with my strategic bidding! ;)

Do you Ebay?  Have you found anything amazing?  My favorite purchase was a pair of shoes that I walked away from at Anthro a few years ago and always regreted, then was able to find them brand new in the box on Ebay last summer for an incredible steal! 

I'll let you know how the top works out once it arrives!

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