Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Shopping

My husband had the last couple of days off which is always so nice to spend time with him.  I'm sad now for it to be over!  We ate, ate, and ate some more, did a little shopping, and alot of relaxing! 

Thursday morning was especially sweet.  I woke up to a bouquet of roses and then red velvet cake for breakfast!  Yes, I said we ate, didn't I?  Don't worry, that's not the normal breakfast around here, but it's okay every now and then, right? 

We then made our way out to one of my favorite shopping destinations:  Marshall's!  Oh yes, Marshall's is the best!  I have been shopping there for years finding amazing home accessories, as well as great designer clothing at a fraction of the cost!  I sound like a commercial don't I?  But seriously, if you don't already shop there, you must try it out!

I found this adorable dress for $19.99!! 

It has an elastic waste which allows the top half to be a little billowy but still giving you a shape at the same time.  I love it!

I also picked up this dress, but am sadly returning it because I think it's an "irregular".  The top is all wonky and mis-shaped.  I didn't notice it or try it on in the store, so it's going back this week. 

My next pick will be worn all summer long.  Old Navy is a great go-to store for inexpensive, wardrobe staples like pants, cardigans, and shorts.  I like their shorts because they have several lengths to choose from.  I'm not 15 anymore and am definitely not wearing booty shorts, but I like a "short" rather than a capri or walking shorts.  I picked these lavendar shorts with a 5" inseam because I think they will go with alot and I was just really drawn to the color!  I am pretty fair skinned, will tan a little throughout the summer but not a ton, so I feel like the lavendar will work well with my skin tone.

At $19.50, I'm happy!  Plus, Old Navy will do a price adjustment if an item goes on sale up to 14 days after purchasing!

So that was my mini shopping haul!  How was your weekend?  Did you do any spring shopping? 


  1. Great deals and it was so sweet that Jeff gave you flowers! We are headed out of town to Wintergreen for a few days for some R&R!!! Woo!

  2. Great finds! Especially love the first dress! :)

  3. Oooh diesss for the first dress. Jealousy!

    Relaxing weekends are wonderful.

  4. Ooh, we went shopping, too! I love American Eagle basic tanks, and I wear my white ones so often that they usually turn dingy. They were having a big sale - $10 when you buy more than one, plus 20% off! I ended up buying 4 tanks and a tee, and my husband bought a few belts. Oh, and a really cute belt from Anthropologie for me, and a skinny one from J Crew on mega sale :) I love an afternoon of shopping... and red velvet cake breakfast sounds AWESOME! I love those shorts - short but not too short ;)

  5. Yes I love that dress and I want it now. We went shopping too, except only picked out things in hopes of getting them as wedding gifts. Ahhh if I could paint my future home in Pottery Barn decor I'd be one lucky lady. But seriously, I'm on the hunt for that dress...

  6. I LOVE Marshalls we don't have one nearby but such a great store! Great picks!

  7. I love those lavender shorts! All of my shorts have been from Old Navy until this year - for some reason, they all gave me mega wedgies! lol. BR Factory was a great alternative.

    Wonderful dresses - too bad the top was all 'wonky' :(.

  8. I've been getting the spring "itch" for new clothes too, but have challenged myself to spend LESS in 2011. However, yesterday I had a fun girls day with 2 of my daughters (13 and 21) as we did a big consignment shopping spree. We a couple of excellent shops in our area that carry designer/name brands in perfect condition. Happily, we came home with many pretty things and our dollars stretched far!