Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Silver Lining in Real Life

I mentioned last month that I am starting up a monthly feature showcasing you lovely ladies who own Silver Lining jewelry and today I'm featuring the adorable Abby!  She has a great style blog where she posts her daily outfits so be sure to go check her out because she really has an eye for fashion! 

So here's what Abby ordered:

(Click image for more sweater guards!)

(Click image for more bow earrings)

And here is how Abby styled her pieces!

So cute, right?  Well, don't forget to send me your photos if you own a piece from Silver Lining Decor!  You can email me at!


  1. Thanks Rachel! You're so sweet!

  2. That sweater clip is adorable, and so is Abby!! It's fun to see these pieces irl. :)

  3. Your blog is so cute and so is the jewelry you make. I found you via the Etsy Business Team and I"m glad that I did!