Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

Don't get me wrong, I like winter...but I love spring and summer.  These winter months tend to be long and tiring.  I find myself shortly after fall is over longing for the warmer days when all you need to do is throw on a dress and some sandals and out the door you go!  Ruche is one of my alltime favorite boutiques and they have introduced their new spring line.  If you have not heard of them yet, check out their site!!  You won't be sorry!  It's equivalent to Anthropologie in style, but much more friendly on the wallet.  I have many of their pieces and love every single one of them! 

Here are some items that have made it to my wishlist:
This dress could work for so many occasions!  Throw a cardigan on with it for work, or cute sandals for backyard parties!


Polka dots and lace?  Who wouldn't love that?!

Jeans and sandals and it's the perfect "run around town" outfit!

So, really I think I would take one of everything from Ruche!  But for now, this is my more realistic wish list. 

So what's on your wishlist?  Are you longing for spring yet?  What's your favorite shop/boutique to perk you up when you've got the winter blues?  


  1. Just found your blog via A Wedding Story - love it! Can't wait to check out your beautiful jewelry, too!

    -your newest follower! :)

  2. love anthropologie-so i'll have to check out your link!
    i am so missing days when i could just throw on flip flops or clogs and run out the door :)

  3. Cute cute cute. Love #2 as well. I haven't bought anything from Ruche, but I visit the website frequently. Spring is right around the corner...